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New Year’s Wishes for Dog People

Pup Culture By Bud Boccone With just one tick of the clock, the old year’s cares are history and a fresh 12 months stretch out before us. Here are a few things worth hoping for in 2015. May Great Dane

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Murder in the AKC Library!

Pup Culture By Bud Boccone Dogs are everywhere in popular culture. Movies, TV, books, comic strips, songs, viral videos: You name it, dogs have been there and done that. But the sport of dogs? Not so much. Think of it.

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Meet the World’s Worst Dog Show Photographer

Pup Culture, By Bud Boccone George Plimpton was an all-around man of letters, known to literary types as editor of the little-read but highly influential Paris Review. But in the 1960s and ’70s, he became an unlikely celebrity as a

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The Hounds of Porthos: Class and Canine Versatility

Pup Culture, By Bud Boccone:  Have you seen BBC America’s The Musketeers? I like the show so much I went to the source, the novels by Alexandre Dumas that endeared generations of readers to the swashbuckling Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and

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Pup Culture: Dracula’s Dog (and 24 other oddball nuggets of canine trivia)

CREDIT: photo mash-up/Chris Espiritu By Bud Boccone With the sweltering dog days of summer upon us, it’s best to relax and avoid strenuous mental exercise. In the season’s spirit of fun, I’ve raided my notebook for the weirdest, wackiest, and

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“Pup” Culture: Dogging It?

by Bud Boccone I had occasion recently to consider dog. Not the species, but the word itself—d-o-g. It was last Saturday, at my brother’s house on Long Island. We sat around the back deck with some old buddies, talking sports.

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“Pup” Culture: Women and the Sport of Dogs

By Bud Boccone Victoria Victorious: Women and the Sport of Dogs  During her 63-year reign, Queen Victoria was closely associated with at least 15 breeds. She helped define the look of some and popularized several others. Victoria also single-handedly made

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