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Duc: The Toast of Blakeen

AKC Gazette “Times Past”— A popular subspecies of dog writing is the canine eulogy. Writers from Lord Byron to Stephen King have immortalized their once-in-a-lifetime dog in words.  AKC Gazette breed columnists have written many such tributes, including this December

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Not-So-Great Danes: The Dogs Who Stole Christmas

Pup Culture  By Bud Boccone Yes, of course, we all love dogs. I wouldn’t be writing this, and you wouldn’t be reading this, if we didn’t all love dogs. But you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. And for me,

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5 Ways of Looking at a Poodle

AKC Gazette, “Times Past” “Charley’s combed columns of legs were noble things, his cap of silver-blue fur was rakish, and he carried the pompom of his tail like the baton of a bandmaster. … If manners maketh man, then manner

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Pantroversy! Should Women Wear Pants in the Ring?

AKC Gazette “Times Past”— In the January 14, 1973, New York Times, dog columnist Walter Fletcher asked fanciers a contentious question: Should women wear pants in the ring? Here are some responses. Jeanette Cross I’ve made a practice of wearing

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The Slobbering Sixteen: Poodles vs. Rottweilers

This is the last match-up before we move to the second round of #TheSlobbering16. Vote for your favorite, Poodles or Rottweilers, on Facebook at

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