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In Defense of Well-bred Dogs

AKC Gazette breed column, Basset Hounds—Dedicated breeders work to produce healthy, well-adjusted, quality puppies because these puppies become the foundation for our next generation and for the breed’s future. Recently a father and his children saw me walking a Basset

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The Purpose of Canine Events

AKC Gazette breed column, Whippets—For serious, dedicated, and ethical dog breeders, exhibition in numerous competitions devoted to purebred dogs is not a whim but a proving ground. Historians like to claim that the manipulation and selective breeding of purebred dogs

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Yes, I’m a Diehard Dog Show Exhibitor

AKC Gazette breed column, Border Terriers—Long drives, flat tires, and even the occasional (rescinded) threat of divorce can’t dampen an exhibitor’s love of dogs and the sport … Maybe it’s a terrier thing, or maybe it’s the competitive nature in

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“Courage, Dignity, and Self-esteem” — The Essence of the Pekingese

AKC Gazette breed column, Pekingese—“In evaluating a Pekingese, one must keep in mind that he is a toy dog of great substance and character for his small size.” The Pekingese is one of the oldest recognized toy breeds, and a

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Breed Spotlight: The Charming Dandie Dinmont Terrier

AKC Gazette breed column: Survival of this rare terrier breed depends on getting the word out to potential owners about the Dandie’s charm and personality. Everyone smiles when they see a Dandie Dinmont Terrier. They can’t help it. Whether on

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A New National Champion!

Congratulations to new National Champion dog “Charlie” and all the winners at the 2014 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship! The Skye Terrier topped a record entry of more than 4,100 dogs competing at the show December 13–14 in Orlando, Florida. The weekend

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2014 Thanksgiving Classic Cluster a Success!

Peggy Wampold of South Windsor Kennel Club shared a write-up and photos from the recent Thanksgiving Classic Cluster in West Springfield, Massachusetts with us. Congratulations to all of the clubs that worked so hard to put on such a spectacular

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