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Finding the Right Dog for You

At the end of last year, the AKC Dog Lovers video crew traveled to Virginia for the 2014 Timbreblue Whippet Reunion. More than 30 Whippets and their families came together for a day of fun! We spoke with three Whippet

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Watch These Playful Norfolk Terrier Pups

Meet dog breeder Barbara Miller and her Norfolk Terrier puppies. Learn what goes into being a good breeder and find out if the Norfolk Terrier is a breed that’s right for you. Learn more about the Norfolk Terrier and visit the

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Meet a Litter of Cute German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies

Meet breeder Cathy Iacopelli and her German Shorthaired Pointers. Learn why it’s important to keep this breed busy and the importance of health testing, and meet an extremely cute litter of GSP puppies!

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Police K9s Take the CGC Test

K9 Trent (Orange Police Department) and K9 Saint Michael (Newtown Police Department) recently took the Canine Good Citizen test at the Trap Falls Kennel Club K-9 Karnival and AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day in Shelton, Connecticut. See how they did

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Watch the First Episode of “AKC This Week”

Watch the first episode of “AKC This Week,” a new weekly video with news from the dog world and interviews with influential members of the fancy. This week’s guest, Michael Canalizo.

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Why Should You Microchip Your Dog?

Learn about why it is so important to microchip your pet and enroll it in a pet recovery service like AKC Reunite. If your dog is ever lost or stolen, a microchip could make the difference in getting him or her

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John & Rush: On the Road to the Agility World Championships

2014 AKC/USA Agility World Team member John Nys will be competing with his Shetland Sheepdog “Rush” (NAC CH MACH 6 Bare Cove Blu Lite Special MCXG2 MJG2) at the FCI Agility World Championships in Luxembourg September 11-14. This highly-decorated pair

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