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Golden Gate Kennel Club Hosts Annual Dog Shows This Weekend

The Golden Gate Kennel Club hosts its 115th and 116th annual dog shows this weekend! If you’re in the San Francisco area, stop by to meet more than 100 different dog breeds (including very rare ones!), watch a Hollywood-themed doggie

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A New National Champion!

Congratulations to new National Champion dog “Charlie” and all the winners at the 2014 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship! The Skye Terrier topped a record entry of more than 4,100 dogs competing at the show December 13–14 in Orlando, Florida. The weekend

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Pantroversy! Should Women Wear Pants in the Ring?

AKC Gazette “Times Past”— In the January 14, 1973, New York Times, dog columnist Walter Fletcher asked fanciers a contentious question: Should women wear pants in the ring? Here are some responses. Jeanette Cross I’ve made a practice of wearing

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The Doberman Breeder—An Endangered Species?

AKC Gazette breed column—Anti-breeding ways of thinking distract people from remembering that it’s through the breeding of good dogs that the breed exists and continues. In the 1970s the Doberman Pinscher was among the top five breeds in popularity. At

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Connecticut Clubs Come Together for Meet the Breeds

Photos Submitted by Peggy Wampold The Connecticut Dog Federation (CDF), comprised of the AKC member and licensed clubs in Connecticut, recently took part in Hartford Meet the Breeds in Hartford, Connecticut. Over two days, the public was able to meet,

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Watch AKC This Week

Enjoy AKC This Week, which shares buzz around recent and upcoming shows, news from the dog world, and interviews with members of the fancy.

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