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From Puppy to “Good Dog!”: Early Steps Help Ensure Puppies Become Well-Mannered Adults

AKC Gazette breed column—An experienced dog trainer points out how puppy classes and early socialization help ensure a puppy will become a well-adjusted, well-mannered adult dog. As a professional dog trainer, I get calls every day from owners looking for

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Looking at Dog Show Gear Through Fresh Eyes

AKC Gazette breed column—Like any hobby, showing dogs entails a volume of specialty items we convince ourselves we simply must have. At the last Rose City Classic in Oregon, I was tour guide for a friend and client who had

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Fancier Feedback Enhances National Owner-Handled Series

From “AKC Updates,” AKC Gazette: With the input of clubs, judges, exhibitors, and superintendents, the AKC Board of Directors has adopted the following updates to the AKC National Owner-Handled Series. Three changes approved by the board went into effect for

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I Am Not a Camera! A Great Dog Artist Shares His Secrets

AKC Gazette, “Times Past”—We go way back to 1926 for this excerpt from “A Dog Artist at Work,” an interview with Edwin Megargee. Among the leading canine portraitists of his time, Megargee was an AKC delegate, board member, and judge.

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The Toy of Cooking: Yorkies, Yummies, and the Double Life of Ann Seranne

AKC Gazette, “Times Past”: She was really two people, and which one you knew best depended on your perspective. If you spent most of the 1950s through ’70s at dog shows, Ann Seranne was the “an” in “Barban,” the influential

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Integrity Wrapped in a Towel: E.S. Montgomery’s Reign of Terrier

AKC Gazette, “Times Past”: Dr. E.S. Montgomery was a man of many parts, and most of them were evident as he emerged from the bathroom at 8:45 a.m. wearing nothing but a towel and a straw hat. Walter Fletcher, dog

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The Gorgeous Sourmug: 5 Ways of Looking at a Bulldog

AKC Gazette, “Times Past”: “There are some who compare the dog Cerberus, the monster that guarded the entrance to Hades, with the original conception of the bulldog. This, of course, is fanciful. Time has so molded his disposition that, today,

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