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Training Spotlight: Helping to Ease Separation Anxiety

AKC Gazette breed column, Flat-Coated Retrievers: Keeping your departures and returns calm and controlled can help ease your dog’s separation anxiety. Some dogs are very prone to separation anxiety. Whining, barking, and/or destructiveness in the absence of the owner are

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Giving Back: Volunteer Your Time!

AKC Gazette breed column, Vizslas: It’s thanks to the people who step up and volunteer their time that we’re able to participate in dog events and enjoy the many other benefits that clubs provide. Do you and your dogs enjoy

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Breed Spotlight: Busting Five Myths About the Great Pyrenees

AKC Gazette breed column, Great Pyrenees: While other Pyrenees people may have a different list than mine of common myths about our breed, I believe that most of us have heard all of the following things said. So here is

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Bring Your “A” Game to the Ring

AKC Gazette breed column, Leonbergers—A solid knowledge of exactly what strengths and weaknesses you and your dog bring to the show ring, as well as strategies for maximizing your assets, can play a huge part in sharpening your competitive edge.

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Westminster Flashback: When Sealys Owned the Garden

AKC Gazette, “Times Past”—The Sealyham Terrier joined the AKC in 1911. Within just a few years—thanks to shrewd imports, judicious breeding, and a small but enthusiastic U.S. fancy—the sturdy little Welshman was a force in the American show ring. Here

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8 Ways of Looking at a Dog Show Judge

AKC Gazette, “Times Past”—What makes a good judge? The judges themselves have been kicking around that question in our pages for 125 years. Here are some answers.   “It is first necessary for a judge to know dogs generally before

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Finding the Right Dog for You

At the end of last year, the AKC Dog Lovers video crew traveled to Virginia for the 2014 Timbreblue Whippet Reunion. More than 30 Whippets and their families came together for a day of fun! We spoke with three Whippet

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