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11 comments on “About AKC Dog Lovers
  1. Peter Farnsworth says:

    I like it. Clean and clear use of the AKC name with an attractive interface.

  2. Pauline Moilanen says:

    Looks like a good site for both the experienced exhibitor and the wonderful people who call out dogs their companions….I am looking forward to more and more!

  3. Sunny's Mahea Nalu No ka Oi says:

    Hello! I have a VERY agile, VERY sweet, FUNNY, one yr old Rhodesian Ridgeback pup. She’s by far the gentlist & largest personality of a dog that I’ve Ever had! :) I am saving up to put her through advanced obedience so that we may get into agility with her asap! Are there any other Ridgeback owners that have put their dogs in agility training/shows? What traits did your Ridgeback perform best in? How did you keep their attention? I’d appreciate any feedback. :)

  4. Christine O'Brien says:

    Watched the Today Show piece on the AKC this morning. Very disturbing! There was suppose to be a response from the AKC linked to this page which states that would happen right away.

    Really am interested in seeing how the AKC can come back in a positive light on this. They have only 9 inspectors for the entire country? That’s ridiculous and scary right there. Can’t wait for AKC’s response.

    Owner of four AKC registered dogs.

    • Pet Law News says:

      Christine O’Brien, there has never been any justification for AKC to even have inspectors. They are a pedigree registry; not an inspection agency.

  5. Tom Wilson says:

    How about NBC telling the truth about HSUS? Why not ask them some of these questions:

    – Why is Congress asking the IRS to revoke their charitable non-profit status?

    – Why are they defendants in a Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization case (the same laws used against mobsters) and are appealing an order to pay legal expenses of the people they unsuccessfully sued.

    -How much of the $233,000,000 they pulled in went to support local animal shelters? Hint: it was less than 1%.

    -What exactly are their Care and Conditions Standards? I searched their web site and couldn’t find it either. They don’t say, but the AKC does. http://images.akc.org/pdf/governmentrelations/documents/Care_Conditions_Policy.pdf

    -Why do they oppose laws that require immediate reporting of legal violations pertaining to cruel or unlawful treatment of animals? Could it be that the videos they use for fundraising actually allow cruelty to continue and that it might hurt their bottom line?

    -Does the HSUS provide microchip readers to shelters free of charge to allow lost dogs to be reunited with their owners?

    -Exactly why did they partner with Michael Vick – a felon convicted and imprisoned for dog fighting?

    -How much do they contribute for veterinary research that works to improve the health of dogs? See http://www.akcchf.org/ to learn about the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation.

    -The HSUS has over $150,000,000 in their investment portfolio. Why are they sitting on that money and not using it to prevent cruelty instead of padding their pension plan?

    Why don’t they sponsor events like the AKC’s “Responsible Dog Ownership Days” instead of lobbying days? Does that hint at where their real interest lies?

  6. Barbara Larsen says:

    Let everyone clean up their own back yard before attacking others. Groups like HSUS need to tend to their reality. Not make believe everything they same is gospel. There is no perfect solution, get along, make rules that can be inforced with progress in mind.

  7. Anonymous says:

    AKC only has 9 inspectors? That does not make sence. With the thousands of “AKC Breeds” How can you do anything but a poor job. And why if the HSUS has so much money and they claim to look after animal welfare, why are they not checking these breeders and helping AKC weed them out.

  8. Raul Lopez says:

    I have to admit that the report did in fact seem to be biased. I would recommend the following to the AKC in the future:

    1. Request the topics to be discussed in advance
    2. Know the statistics-your representative was awful! If you don’t have the statistics-get them!
    3. Record the interview on your own with your own recording crew

    AKC should have been able to state how many breeders are registered with AKC and a percentage of how many are inspected anually. In the medical equipment industry, 100% of us are required to be accredited once every three years, and AKC should look at funding to staff something along the same lines, and more frequently if the breeder registers more than xx number of litters per year.

  9. Pet Law News says:

    What fun stories! I have added a feeds block to http://petlawnews.com/.

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