AKC Art on Display at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

During the upcoming Westminster Kennel Club (WKC) dog show, the American Kennel Club will present “The Art of Winning Westminster,” a unique art exhibit portraying past Westminster Best in Show winners. The display will include eleven works of art from the AKC collection, including seven paintings and two bronzes of previous “top dogs,” a 1906 trophy and an 1879 certificate awarded at the WKC’s third show.

The exhibit will be available for viewing Booth # 3 at Pier 94 (55th Street and the West Side Highway), where the day judging for the WKC will be held Monday and Tuesday, February 10-11, 2014.

The pieces to be exhibited include:

1910 BIS Winner

Ch Sabine Rarebit, Smooth Fox Terrier

Owner: Sabine Kennels

7 ¾” bronze by William Mackarnes (British), 1917

1924 BIS Winner

Ch. Barberry Hill Bootlegger, Sealyham Terrier

Owner: Bayard Warren

Gilman Low, (American) 20″x16″ oil on canvas, 1924

1927 BIS Winner

Ch. Pinegrade Perfection, Sealyham Terrier

Owner: Frederick C. Brown

Lillian Cheviot (British), 24″x30″ oil on canvas

1932 BIS Winner

Ch. Nancolleth Markable, Pointer

Owner: Giralda Farms

Reuben Ward Binks, (British), 14 ¾”x19 ¼” gouache on paper, 1934

1935 BIS Winner

Ch. Nunsoe Duc de la Terrace of Blakeen, Standard Poodle

Owner: Blakeen Kennels

Maud Earl (American), 36″ x 60″, oil on canvas, 1935

Standard Poodle

1946 BIS Winner

Ch. Heatherington Model Rhythm, Wire Fox Terrier

Owner: Mr. and Mrs. T H Caruthers

Clarence Calhoun Fawcet (American) 11″ x 12″ pastel

1948 BIS Winner

Ch. Rock Ridge Night Rocket, Bedlington Terrier

Owner: Mr. and Mrs. William A. Rockefeller

Marjorie Walker, (American), 27″ x 32″ pastel, 1954

1951 BIS Winner

Ch Bang Away of Sirrah Crest, Boxer

Owner: Dr. and Mrs. R C Harris

T. Tashiro, (American) 25″ x 21″ oil on canvas, 1957


1979 BIS Winner

Ch. Oak Tree’s Irishtocrat, Irish Water Spaniel

Owner: Mrs. Anne E Snelling

5/8″ high bronze by Damara Bolte (American)

1906 Westminster KC Trophy

Sterling Silver Water Pitcher by Black Starr & Frost

26 oz., 9″h. x7″d.

Offered by T L Mason for Best Cocker Spaniel

Winner: Mepal Iris, parti-color

Owner; Mepal kennels

1879 Westminster KC Certificate of Award

C’rouse II, Black and Tan Setter

Owner: J.W. Downey

Award of “Very Highly Commended”

The AKC art collection consists of more than 200 pieces, making it one of the largest purebred dog art collections in the world. It spans four centuries, with the majority of works created by 19th and 20th century European and American artists. The bulk of the collection is at the AKC headquarters, 260 Madison Avenue, New York City, 10016. Tours are available by appointment: 212-696-8234, .

Learn more about the exhibit. 

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