Tuesday Tips!… Tips on How to Involve Kids in Training The Family Dog

Kids have been known to repeatedly ask their parents for a dog, and after hearing the question a million times, you might consider adding a four-legged friend to your household.  Having a pet at home is extremely beneficial to kids, especially when it comes to teaching them responsibility.  A great way to do that is involving kids in training.  Not only is training your dog necessary, it’s a wonderful bonding experience.  The American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Director Mary Burch offers the following ways parents can involve their kids in training the family dog.
·         Teach “down”: Show your child how to hold a treat in front of the dog’s nose, and then drop his or her hand to the ground.  The dog will follow the food and drop into the down position.  As soon as the dog is lying down, make sure your child gives the dog the treat and lots of praise.
·         Teach “sit”: Have your son or daughter hold the treat just about your dog’s nose and slowly move it back over the dog’s head.  As your child does this, your dog will rock back into a sit.  As soon as the dog sits, have your child praise your pup and give him the treat.
·         Teach how to walk on a leash: Your child can help train your dog to walk on a leash.  To do this, have your child hold a treat or your dog’s favorite toy waist high.  Have him or her tell the dog “Let’s go” and start walking.  Your dog will watch the toy or treat and start walking along nicely.

Let us know if these tips have worked for you or if you plan to use any of them! Share your thoughts by commenting! 

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2 comments on “Tuesday Tips!… Tips on How to Involve Kids in Training The Family Dog
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  2. Valley Farm Labs says:

    Often times you have to train your children how to train your dog. Make sure everyone is on the same page with your dog’s training otherwise the dog could become confused.

    Something that we are currently working on is not saying our dog’s name when she is doing something that we don’t want her to. Otherwise, we are always saying her name and she may not be able to understand what the point of her name is, if we use it all the time. We have the tendency to do that, so trying to break our own bad habits. Her name is used to get her attention-to get her to stop and look at us, so that we can give her a command.


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