Tomorrow Morning Watch the Today Show; Then Tell Them What You Think!

Tomorrow morning, May 1,  in the 7:30-8 a.m. EDT half-hour timeframe, NBC’s Today Show will be airing a segment by NBC reporter Jeff Rossen – @Jeffrossen #RossenReports – which we expect will be a biased, critical, and misleading portrayal of the AKC.

Please watch the segment live or on the Today Show website and then go to Rossen Reports and and to post your comments in support of AKC and all the responsible dog owners and breeders in this country.

We will be watching the segment too, since we are curious to see if picking on animal lovers really helps their ratings!   Also, watch for AKC’s immediate response to the segment on

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77 comments on “Tomorrow Morning Watch the Today Show; Then Tell Them What You Think!
  1. Jill O'Leary says:

    I already don’t watch that horribly biased liberal news show anyway.

    • Sheryl says:

      Just a disgusting piece of Journalism ! Trash from start to finish .. TELL the WHOLE story NBC Shame on you !

      • Charlotte Scot says:

        Folks, you are still looking backward and wallowing in yesterday’s news instead of responding with a plan to address the issues raised in the report: Bad breeders using the AKC name to sell sick puppies from miserable kennels. Until you take action to address the issue raised in the report you have nothing to complain about. If action has been taken yesterday, your timely, positive response probably would have been on the Today Show this morning. Obviously your choice. (I’ll stop butting in)

  2. sarah murphy says:

    If we all tune in, won’t it prove that bashing the AKC sends ratings through the roof? How about we all wait for the one person who actually already watches to post it, then we contact the producers of the show????

  3. Sue says:

    NBC news is already being chased by the grim reaper. It’s only a matter of time before they go off the air. Why give them any press or attention. They’ll just be encouraged to create more controversy because it results in hits. I’m not interested. Nobody watches them anyway.

    • Donna Noland says:

      I watched this morning. I have a lot of comments I’d like to make, but they aren’t to NBC. I have spent the last several years actively defending AKC and responsible dog legislation and responsible breeders/owners through an AKC-recognized state responsible owner/breeder organization. AKC makes that job much harder — and it’s already nearly impossible — by not actively engaging in a PR campaign that shows how hard thousands of responsible owner/breeders work to protect their chosen breeds. AKC’s spokesperson looked clueless and defensive during her portion of the segment.

      • Deb Stahli says:

        Same here and really, if there are only 9 inspectors for the entire 50 states ? 50,000 inspections since 2000 ? If these are facts than I would like to take a class on being an inspector and go o work for the AKC because they need people like me! There are thousands of responsible breeders out there and maybe they should be reconized.

      • pam says:


      • NancySmith says:

        AKC spent an hour before the show telling them all about the programs they have for responsible breeders, and for all dogs, not just purebreds. NBC chose to not air any of it.

      • Donna Noland says:

        I know that. But this is not AKC’s first rodeo with the HSUS/ASPCA folks or the news media. In my estimation, the marketing/PR department should have been savvy enough to surmise that they would have to fight to get their information heard and been prepared to do that. Assuming that, because they provided the information, it would be used was naive on their part. The less-than-skillful answers provided by the AKC spokesperson did nothing to inspire confidence in the AKC or its message.

      • Charlotte Scot says:

        Unfortunately, the TODAY show story was not about the AKC and it’s years of good work. It was about one breeder the AKC had (allegedly) inspected which was boasting it’s AKC membership to sell sick puppies from a disgusting kennel. Discussing the good things the AKC has done previously was totally irrelevant. The response and the before hand chatter should have been about the case being profiled. You could have sited all the kennels you’ve taken AKC status away from… all the breeders you’ve turned in and, of course, you should have said what you were going to do about this particular situation.
        As an AKC devotee and the owner of two AKC Scottish Terrorists, I am very disappointed at the attitude displayed by members in this forum. I don’t have a clue who decided to post the warning (presuming the report would be negative before watching it) but anyone reading that post (like the reporter or people at NBC) would conclude you were trying to spin it without even knowing what it was about (which in fact was what you were trying to do.)Then, encouraging people (on your public website) to write negative comments about the reporter was totally out of line. If the reporter made incorrect statements or said things about the AKC that were false your Press Secretary or President should have called the Producer to complain.I did not hear him say the AKC is a bad organization nor did I hear him accuse it OF WRONG DOING. The AKC made itself look bad by not having a response in hand about the kennel being profiled and not being able to answer the reporter’s questions.
        I know no one at the AKC. My only connection is the reputable breeders I work with when I am Scottie searching. My only concern with this whole matter is, it irks me when people throw about half-truths and conspiracy theories and allegation about bias when it all boils down to not like the story. Was it factual? That’s all that counts. Could it have been better? Absolutely. The organization needs to be better prepared so it can reach out to media with solid ideas (How to find a reputable breeder. Come with us when we inspect a kennel. Warning signs of breeders who may not be great, etc.) If planned and done correctly the AKC could be on TV weekly as a positive force for pet lovers and, more importantly, for its AKC breeders and their dogs.

      • Donna Noland says:

        I agree with you, Charlotte. And BTW, I am also owned by Scottie Terrierists………..

  4. Isabel says:

    I have been raising Rotties for years and don’t take much stock in people who don’t know much about nothing to start with. I will continue to register my dogs with the AKC and the “haters” can stay in their little bubble.

  5. Lynn Haughwout says:

    Well, I watched it. Have to admit I was surprised to hear there are only 9 inspectors for the whole country. Aside from that about the only good thing it offered was to say that you should not get a puppy from a place that wont let you come and see the pups there. AKC papers do not guarantee anything but bloodlines. People have to do their homework. This group has bashed AKC before and this was the same info. Yes there is some very bad stuff going on but I challenge them to look at the percentages of all the good this organization does. Lynn H.

  6. AJ says:

    I was willing to give the AKC the benifit, but who was that spokesperson? Could they have chosen a more knowledgable individual? Saying “I don’t know” is not a way to defend your organization! I was appalled at her presence and responses or lack of. She almost made the AKC look guilty of those accusations.

    • Anonymous says:

      AJ – your points are very well taken and being realistic how could nine (9) inspectors, by any stretch of the imagination, do even a mediocre job of inspecting all breeders in the United States. Maybe we shouldn’t give AKC the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it is time AKC cleaned up their act. Jack

      • Anonymous says:

        Go to and read their mission statements and learn what the role of AKC is.

  7. Marsha Smith says:

    Obviously fueled by the HSUS!! No surprise.

  8. A.M. Brown says:

    Sadly Lisa Peterson appeared very unprepared for the interview and was a poor representative of AKC and all of us who either own or breed AKC registered dogs. Not on the side of NBC in any way; NO organization can set standards and make sure each and every member is in compliance 24/7, 365, not AKC or any other organizational body that sets a standard of compliance.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I never watch NBC news shows, I like my news fair and balanced, that’s why I watch FOX news. I love FOX and Friends in the morning!

  10. Sharon breen says:

    I believe in the AKC. There are always going to be breeders who’s standards are low. That’s why it’s so important to encourage people to visit your kennel and see exactly the care your puppy gets.

  11. A.M. Brown says:

    In addition to my first comment and in Lisa’s defense as I mean her no disrespect, I am sure the editing of her interview was purposely slanted to make her seem unprepared, though sad again that the average viewer won’t realize that, kind of like that commercial:

    “Where’d you hear that?”
    Response: “On the internet, everything on the internet is true or it wouldn’t be there.”

    Some of us do realize the slant of modern day journalism to serve their own selfish motives, ie NBC really needs the ratings boost, but I only watched this morning to see this story and then changed the channel…………….

  12. Laurie Bogart Morrow says:

    Jeff Rossen charged out of the gate with misinformation from the start of his NBC Today Show report on the American Kennel Club this morning, May 1st, when he represented the Westminster Kennel Club Show as an AKC property. The Westminster Kennel Club predates the formation of the AKC by seven years; this international conformation show stipulates AKC breeds only, but the event itself belongs to the WKC, not the AKC. The HSUS competes with the AKC for contribution revenue and would be expected to condemn the AKC publicly–Mr. Rossen’s interviewee, therefore, may not have been the most unbiased choice. Most important, however, is that Mr. Rossen failed to represent the AKC as what it actually is–a dog registration service and purebred organization dedicated to maintaining breed standards, conducting regional and national conformation events, sporting dog trials, agility tests and many, many other events for dog enthusiasts–for purebred dogs as well as “dogs of indiscriminate genes” in many family-oriented events. Indeed, it is a dog enthusiast’s organization and parent organization to dozens of breed clubs. The AKC urges people preparing to buy a puppy or adult dog to visit the kennel IN PERSON, inspect the kennel, meet the puppy’s dam and, if possible, sire; offers advice on what to specifically ask breeders, makes available incentive programs that offer a free first visit with veterinarians, courtesy of AKC sponsors such as Bayer Animal Health Care and dog food companies such as Iams/Eukanuba, Pedigree and Purina, and so much more. If a buyer ignores this advice, then he or she must accept the consequences. Mr. Rossen, the HSUS and the ASPCA are primarily devoted to the rescue and recovery of abused animals and thank goodness for their good works. Local dog rescue organizations report abuse to their town and city police, which in turn contact the HSUS and/or the ASPCA for valuable assistance in saving the lives of suffering animals–dogs, cats, and other species. But the AKC is purely a dog enthusiast’s club (that of course advocates against dog abuse.) The purpose of the AKC’s nine national inspectors is to insure breeders conform to the rigid AKC checklist of maintaining breed standards. Again, as far as abuse is concerned, that is the good work that the HSUS and ASPCA ever pursue. But face it, anyone can maintain he or she is an AKC breeder; what Mr. Rossen failed to confirm was that horrific footage he used was from kennels that are confirmed to be currently registered AKC breeders. AKC’s published objective is “to advance the study, breeding, exhibiting, running and maintenance of purebred dogs, and its Mission Statement, “The American Kennel Club is dedicated to upholding the integrity of its Registry, promoting the sport of purebred dogs and breeding for type and function. Founded in 1884, the AKC® and its affiliated organizations advocate for the purebred dog as a family companion, advance canine health and well-being, work to protect the rights of all dog owners and promote responsible dog ownership. It is a shame when reporting such as Mr. Rossen’s sets out to do harm by not presenting the facts in the proper light. The thousands of AKC members and this remarkable organization and its countless good works did not deserve to be misrepresented in this unfortunate manner.

    • Pam Williams says:

      I do take issue, Laurie, with your statement, ‘thank goodness for their good works’ – anyone who has done any research on either HSUS or ASPCA will find that the bulk of the donations they receive are routed to their executives’ lifestyles and lobbying to end all pet ownership – someone should do a biased expose on them on a national forum.

  13. Brian Klein says:

    Leave it to the leftist liberal media to show the bad apples in the basket. Did they bother to check into these breeders to see if they were actually AKC certified? Or we’re these breeders just saying they were AKC certified to sell puppies? Why not just condem the AMA because some of their members are bad physicians? It’s a fact that there will always be bad apples in any organization. Deciding to purchase a puppy is like looking for a doctor, one must do their homework first, before making that crucial decision. Caveat emptor!

  14. Mike Rossi says:

    Well, I watched it. Normally I don’t watch such nonsence, but AKC recomended it. As with all biased programs, I was not surprised at what I saw. They showed the worst of the worst and made them out to be the normal AKC breeder.

  15. Charlotte Scot says:

    As a former network consumer reporter (ABC) I thought the story was well balanced. The unfortunate part was the AKC spokesperson did not have answers to several questions which made the AKC appear evasive. I saw nothing in the report which indicated the entire AKC was bad. It was merely a heads-up to consumers to not rely solely on the AKC label. An excellent idea. I thought the report was informative and pointed out the need for more diligence by the AKC to protect its “brand.” On a personal note, I only buy AKC dogs in addition I always check out the breeders and the conditions at their facilities. Too bad you couldn’t have worked with the reporter to offer tips to consumers on the correct way to check out a kennel or breeder instead of coming across as fearful and a bit paranoid by sending out your news release. I think the AKC is great, but I don’t think it handled this situation very well.

  16. PJ says:

    I typically do not watch the biased news. But that report raises many questions about the AKC’s inspection and compliance metrics. The AKC did not do itself any favors with their less than informed interview during the report. I think the AKC should revisit their processes and ensure they are doing what is best for the dogs.

    • Anonymous says:

      I did watch the Video and I must say that I do not think it was fair to totally bash AKC. It was VERY surprising to learn that AKC only has 9 Inspectors for the entire US. It could be very hard to keep up with all the Inspections needed and then to do follow-ups??? I do believe in AKC Standards and their mission. I recently started breeding Poms and have had to learn so much and could not have done it without help from AKC. There is always a few bad apples in every bunch and AKC is not to blame.

      • Ifyouonlyknew says:

        I noticed you said you are new to breeding i hope that includes conformation as well?? If you are not putting titles on your dogs and putting money into your breed then you are a backyard breeder and part of the problem!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I agree with most of the above statements…AKC goofed in their spokesman. I have been inspected before and it was great. Most of the photos and info shown where probably of large puppymills which our states should be taking care of…

  18. Linda Lachowicz says:

    I watched it, and unfortunatley it gave the AKC a black eye. The AKC person being interviewed was not prepared to address how only 9 inspectors can handle the workload. I was prepared to blast the Today show, but I am afraid they made a good point. Not enough inspectors for such an old, and large organization. Pretty sad. I feel bad for all of the reputable breeders that are paying members.

    • Anonymous says:

      AKC CAME OFF LOOKING BACK because the producers of that show configured it to look bad for AKC. THEY ELIMINATED anything that would make AKC LOOK GOOD.

  19. DOC says:

    I watched and stand up for the good of the AKC. I do think we need more inspectors 9 is just not enough. I love my dogs and blood line is important, but the well-being of our breeding animals is also very important. I am with my pups from birth to the day they leave my home to live with their new mommy and daddy. I inspect the new owners and gather references. I also give a call to check up on the pups adjustment. I just can not imagine my pups going to an unhealthy home. I take pride in my breeding and expect high standards. I am opposed to those who over breed an animal or maltreat. Animals are our friends and companions. We are to respect and care for them. If we are falling short, its time to get on it. It turns my stomach thinking about maltreatment. The AKC stands for quality. We need to make sure all breeding members follow the rules established. A few bad apples makes the rest of us responsible breeders look bad. Shame on you.

  20. Gypsyking says:

    I watched the segment as the AKC requested in their email. I have to agree with Charlotte and PJ comments above. The segment was fair and allowed the AKC a chance to respond to some pretty basic questions. The AKC needs promote and protect about what is best for the dogs and not their bottom line. Here are some easy suggestions to put in place ASAP.

    1) Define and Protect your brand – The AKC is all about the dogs and promoting pure-bred dogs and dog ownership. You need better education and complience from the breeders. You also need to educate the new potential owners. Potential Owners need to ask for more AKC papers. Promote “Puppy Buyer Tips” to the general public. Ask for a puppy packet including vet testing on the puppy, parents testing, and basic care issues. Visit the kennel and make sure you are comfortable with the facility. Ask will the breeder take back ‘sick puppies’? Finally do NOT trust what you read on the internet when it comes to breeders especially from .

    Finally, The AKC needs to define some better standards to show the AKC logo in an ad or ad copy. There are technology to examine online ads from puppy sites and see if the kennels have AKC certfication, are in good standing, or had any complants like the BBB.

    2) Put in place a 1-800 hotline for suspect breeders. There needs to be a way of allowing the dog lovers, kennel clubs, and other dog lovers to report the bad apples to you and get them out of the dog breeding business.

    3) Hire more inspector. Nine inspectors for the whole country is not enough.

    4) Fire the current AKC spokesperson

    5) Hire a PR firm to help get the AKC in front of this issue. Deal with the issues of puppy mills, but also show all the good the AKC does with dog shows, agility, tracking (where most search and rescue dog come from), and other events promoted by the AKC.

    Hope that helps

    • Ifyouonlyknew says:

      How about if you are going to breed you must put titles on your dogs or separate us conformation/performance breeders from the backyard breeders in the akc website. I dont want backyard breeders in the same loop as me.

  21. Anonymous says:

    What everybody seems to forget here is the AKC is a record keeping org. Pedigrees stud books etc. It is not possible for them to watch every dog and breeder they register all the time. Nor would I as a breeder want them standing over me. And let me tell all of you that the general puplic is not that dumb when purchasing puppies. I am always held acountable by my puppy buyers! They expect the best from what I feed to all health DNA testing to be done and they never buy sight unseen. I can’t imagine a breeder lasting very long in our society who does not follow good breeding practices and we owe all that to AKC educating the puplic!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are exactly right on AKC. These breeders if they could be called that should have been subjected to anti-cruelty laws. When AKC comes across them when doing registration inspections they report them. AKC does not have the authority to do anything other then check paper work on registrations and report the abuses to proper authority.

  22. Renee says:

    I watched this news report and once again the bias opinions of breeders and down grading the AKC is effecting all of us who do maintain and do adhere to proper care and proper breeding programs. There are so many scams out there to sell dogs, cats, horses you name it and there are issues to address in regards to the inhumane treatment of any animal. So naming the AKC as the problem is incorrect and literally the individuals that are depicted in this report are the ones to blame for the devastating problem of poor conditions and improper care. There are many breeders out there that go beyond just breeding and promote spay/neutering to limit unwanted breedings, go through a 12 step process to ensure the new owners are going to provide proper care to their new pup/dogs and provide exceptional care to their animals. This report will not only create the thought of disgust towards neglectful breeders it will also purport that all breeders even the goods ones to be chastized. How wrong is that?

  23. Nancy Smith says:

    The only good thing about this so-called expose’ was the advice at the end to always visit the home/premises of the breeder–meet the parents of the puppies–see the way the puppies are raised. Buying a dog on the internet from a website is fraught with danger. But this piece bore the unmistakable influence of the HSUS and ASPCA, both of which have their own records of flawed activities. This was a biased piece that could have been much improved by comments from Humane Watch or the National Animal Interest Alliance. Presenting bad examples is similar to the way HSUS collects millions of dollars under the guise of supporting shelters when it only uses 1% of those funds for that purpose. The other 99% is used to influence programs like NBC just presented.

    AKC spends $20 million dollars funding scientific research to prevent, treat, and cure canine diseases. They have donated $3 million to Canine Search & Rescue and pet-related disaster relief & preparedness efforts. They sponsor lost dog recovery through the Companion Animal Recovery service which is based on microchip identification and operates 24/7, 365 days a year. AKC rules officiate at dog shows in the interest of safety for not only the dogs, the handlers, but the public observers present. They have sponsored the Responsible Dog Owners set of 101 Guidelines and ask owners to read them and sign on. Kennel Clubs all over the country are supporting Going to the Dogs Events so that the public can attend, learn about dog breeds, and compete with their dogs for prizes–safety is at the forefront.
    They have outlawed retractable leads at dog shows as unsafe. They have supported the READ program where young school children can read to a dog that is a Certified Therapy Dog. Many pamphlets are available on their website designed to teach children the proper way to approach a dog. Performance Events have grown in popularity and are available for non-purebred dogs and un-registered dogs which are thought to be pure-bred through the Indefininite Listing Privilege. Over $30 million dollars are allocated yearly by the AKC towards all these programs which are for the benefit of ALL DOGS.

  24. Emily says:

    My views on the AKC has always been on the fence. Although I do strongly believe in the bettering of breeds and healthy, properly executed breeding, I find the over focus on a specific breed standard to be usually overall unhealthy for the dog. Inbreeding and breeding for specific traits causes major genetic issues within a large number of purebred dogs. Although the AKC has excellent standards in breeding facilities, I don’t like to promote the over focus on purebred dogs that our society leans towards when looking for a ‘good dog’.
    There will always be bad breeders- and as previous comments pointed out, NBC did not specify whether the footage was from AKC breeders or not. Regardless of the bias involved in the report, the AKC representative seemed very defensive and ill-informed on crucial facts that the AKC needs to utilize in order to defend their organization against people looking to attack it. It sounds like the AKC isn’t 100% sure of how their standards are being upheld throughout the US. With only 9 inspectors, there is no way to keep up with every breeder claiming to be following the standards of the AKC. If the AKC wants to keep their reputation among the top canine organizations in healthy, proper canine care, they definitely need to supply more people to uphold those standards. There are way too many people that are ignorant and uneducated in animal welfare and wanting to make money off of a title that can be bought. The AKC is going to need to step up their game, their standards, and their regulations if they want to remain one of the more reputable organizations for producing healthy, sound, purebred dogs.
    This news video is going to be an interesting turning point in dog standards. Will the AKC respond with more vigor? Will people finally understand a dog is not a piece of paper with a title? And will the AKC work to improve their inspection numbers, standards, and qualifications for AKC registered breeding facilities? If they want to stay on top, they definitely should. And people definitely need to educate themselves more on what makes a good, healthy, well behaved dog- because it sure as hell isn’t a piece of paper with 3 letters stamped on it.

    • Lynn Haughwout says:

      Actually I’s say it’s time for us all to step up to the plate and be part of educating the public. Also, more good breeders need to be open to mentoring and letting new people into the breed. It is good to be selective about new puppy owners, but I have heard from way too many people who can’t find a breeder willing to help. I am still surprised at how many people just don’t know what many of us consider the basics of puppy/dog ownership. Sometimes the unscrupulous puppy sellers are more willing to “share” because they have a product to push. Let’s not put this all on the shoulders of AKC. Now would be a great time to write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper to state what you have written here.

    • Anonymous says:

      YOU ARE CORRECT, But if by some small chance that you want to know the parentage of your dog, you have a greater chance if there is a piece of paper with AKC STAMPED ON IT

  25. KEEPDREAMING says:

    I have had AKC Registered Danes My whole Life, and will continue to stand beside AKC. However I think this is an excellent opportunity for AKC to really step up and lead the way in shutting down Puppy Mills Or at the Very least bringing on more inspectors to inspect Kennels prior to allowing the dogs to be registered. I would like for AKC to take a harder stance on inspections, it will do nothing but prove that there are a great many of AKC breeders out there that are going well above and beyond in offering quality dogs.

  26. Michelle says:

    We are PROUD to register and show are dogs with the AKC here at Maximal Manchester Terriers. The Today show report was biased and irresponsible. I volunteer for TWO purebred rescue groups, one of which I have headed as the chair for several years. The vast majority of my volunteers and donors that make it possible to have the ONLY rescue for Ibizan Hounds in the USA are AKC BREEDERS. AKC is the only NOT-FOR-PROFIT non-governmental body that oversees dog breeding, events and inspects its breeders. It’s care and conditions requirements are stricter than the USDA regulations so that most breeders unethical breeders have left the AKC. There are bad eggs in every family and it’s true that there are some bad breeders that register with the AKC but they are the extreme exception and certainly not the rule. Shame on NBC for painting an entire group of loving dog owners with the same brush!

    • Lynn Haughwout says:

      So many good comments here, but please take the time and go to the Today Show’s site and put your comments there as well so non AKC people will see them.

  27. Carol Capossela says:

    Leaving a message here is like preaching to the choir. We all know the truth about AKC’s role as an animal registry. But, I have to say that I haven’t been as disappointed since President Obama’s first debate performance as I was with Lisa Peterson’s responses to Rossen’s questions on the numbers (registered dogs, kennels inspected, number of inspectors). We are up against the power of the Humane Society and ASPCA and instead of a confident and assertive representation of AKC’s pro-active work to enforce it’s own regulations, the opposition was met with an unprepared and timid. It allowed him to twist the facts to suggest that the puny registration fees breeders pay are enough to “buy off” the AKC to ignore disreputable kennel operators. The interview should have started off with Lisa explaining the process of being denied or losing privileges and penalties for other infractions that are published. The issue of AKC being a REGISTRY rather than a quality assurance authority was not brought out emphatically as it should have been. I have read Lisa Petersons articles and respected her as a qualified advocate of dog welfare. But a more dynamic spokesperson should have been picked to face a skillful investigative reporter.

  28. Bebe Mabry says:

    Very biased news. Unfortunately there are always bad apples. But the good apples by far out weigh the bad ones, especially in this situation. Being a member of a local AKC club, we do all we can to promote and teach to the local public, good canine practice. Education is a huge part of AKC and their local clubs. There are also many breed groups out there who come to the rescue of many abandoned dogs and unfair breeding conditions. Many, many homes are found for these unfortunate dogs. None of this was brought up. AKC where were you? You have a whole network of people out there volunteering for you. However, I do think the interview this morning was not handled well by AKC’s representative nor was it done well by the reporter. I feel the whole story could have been done much better than it was, and the two could have come together to benefit the general public with productive information. I personally am tired of watching biased news. Poorly done!

    • Charlotte Scot says:

      I do not understand the charges of bias. What kind of info packet did the AKC send to the reporter’s staff? Did someone speak with the NBC staff prior to the interview and outline services you offer? Did you send info on your positions re bad kennels? Did you explain what consumers should look for when choosing a pet. Did you volunteer to take NBC on kennel inspections? Did you offer the names of good breeders for the reporter to speak with so they could tell how they live up to (and surpass) standards? Bias would have been if the reporter had not sought a response from the AKC. It is possible to suggest a followup- story to tell what steps you are taking to correct things “exposed” in the report. Are you taking away the credentials from the kennel shown the kennel shown?Are you offering a toll-free number (OR WEB ADDRESS) so people can report bad AKC kennels. You need to be proactive about this issue. If the TODAY SHOW (which is NOT a news program, it is strictly entertainment with some news segments) won’t do another segment on the action you have taken go to Good Morning America or CBS or the Fox program someone mentioned (you should be doing this anyway). Maybe it’s a wake-up call which will result in a lot of great publicity It should be. I’d be glad to help you anyway I can.

      • Anonymous says:

        The AKC has released another statement including other facts and information that Russen chose not to use in the piece. I believe the link is located above. That what makes it bias…

      • Charlotte Scot says:

        I read the statement, and I think it is a good beginning, but you must now look forward, Don’t go over what you told them… tell them what you will do to correct the situation they were reporting on. Will you sue the kennel for misrepresenting the principles of the AKC? Has their AKC certificate been pulled? Have you found more inspectors (AKC members to patrol their locations as volunteers until a new improved system can be set up?) Are you setting up a method for people to tell you about known abuses. You really can turn this around and make it work for your benefit. However, you have got to stop with the conspiracy theories and playing victim. The story was about one issue. An AKC kennel which was pitiful. Telling the reporter’s staff about past achievements and awards and legislation does not answer the question that was being asked. Focus on answering the primary complaint in the story: the bad AKC kennel. Stress your answers about AKC reporting bad kennels and enforcing laws to protect animals. Tell them the idea of even one bad kennel displaying the AKC symbol is one too many and you will do everything in your power to stop this kind of situation from happening again. It sounds as if many reputable breeders are willing to stand with the AKC so you should be able to move this along swiftly and end it successfully with a positive follow up.

      • charlotte Scot says:

        I read the statement, and I think it is a good beginning, but you must now look forward, Don�t go over what you told them� tell them what you will do to correct the situation they were reporting on. Will you sue the kennel for misrepresenting the principles of the AKC? Has their AKC certificate been pulled? Have you found more inspectors (AKC members to patrol their locations as volunteers until a new improved system can be set up?) Are you setting up a method for people to tell you about known abuses. You really can turn this around and make it work for your benefit. However, you have got to stop with the conspiracy theories and playing victim. The story was about one issue. An AKC kennel which was pitiful. Telling the reporter�s staff about past achievements and awards and legislation does not answer the question that was being asked. Focus on answering the primary complaint in the story: the bad AKC kennel. Stress your answers about AKC reporting bad kennels and enforcing laws to protect animals. Tell them the idea of even one bad kennel displaying the AKC symbol is one too many and you will do everything in your power to stop this kind of situation from happening again. It sounds as if many reputable breeders are willing to stand with the AKC so you should be able to move this along swiftly and end it successfully with a positive follow up. Charlotte

      • Eric King says:

        AKC – Listen to Charlotte. She is right and gave the AKC some good ideas. It what you do with brand and brand image going forward from this moment that matters and not what happened in the past. Focus on the protection of the dogs and promoting the reputable dog breeders. Get the 800 number set up to allow people and member to report “puppy mills” Get the HSUS and ASPCA involved in a JOINT effort to help puppies. Just act with some speed. Get local membership working at the grass roots.

        I have also responded to NBC. NBC did leave out some facts and all the good . But let remember that this segment was done for ratings. NBC lost its #1 position in morning programming which it held over 25+ years. This segment has stired the pot and made emotions boil over to help boost rarings. It is now the headline on

  29. Sherry Christman Bequette says:

    NBC you need to do your research to a better length on this subject. Maybe AKC could have a inspector in every state, but besides that AKC isn’t a problem. There are so many people starting up rescue kennels, which is a good thing but you have those that are doing it not for the animals sake, its a front so these people can get supplies and food for their own animals because they put themselves in a position that they really can’t afford. There are people in Warren County Missouri that do this and there is one that I have seen with Pit Bulls and she stacks the crates and the smell is so bad because it is not a clean environment. There are breeders that I have sent people to in Illinois and Missouri and they bought a puppy but they came back and told me that they brought the puppy up from the birthing area where they are kept and gave some excuse why you couldn’t go there. It’s NOT the organization AKC, it’s you as the buyer to do your research on the breeder. I have never had a problem with AKC, so to the man that is doing this reporting, you are totally going about this the wrong way. You should retract what you are saying. PEOPLE check out the breeder yourself, if you can’t see where they are living, you can’t see both parents, don’t buy there!!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    The Today Show story didn’t sound very well backed up, but neither did your responses. Just give them the answers to the two or three questions that your spokes person didn’t have today. Tomorrow on the Today Show they can provide those answers to the public. The other people who commented, mentioned that the number of inspectors might be insufficient. I really don’t know, but if the AKC agrees with that, I think they could find many volunteer inspectors to go to breeders in areas close to their home. In areas where there is a shortage of inspectors.

  31. Pam Crump says:

    NINE inspectors is apparently all AKC CAN AFFORD. TOO many people who want just a pet do not go forward and pay to register their puppy which further cuts down on revenues. AKC IS NOT an organization with unlimited wealth, and does not have a lot of financial backing, but they do the best they can with the resources available and is still the best dog registry, far better for insuring accurate pedigrees than any other registry.

    I know they are hard pressed for money, and are doing the best they can. I am inspected regularly and am always in compliance and it is hard to believe they would find this person I just watched ” in compliance” also. DID the news media have proof this was an AKC breeder. I did not hear them ask AKC about that.

    AKC’s mission is to provide an authenticity to the pedigree. BREEDERS TRY TO give the impression that because they were inspected, then living conditions are the best. AKC NEEDS to define their role and acknowledge they have a more limited role in the breeding world. THERE ARE OTHER organizations for that like USDA. AKC is concerned with the accuracy of breeding records which is a highly useful service that many breeders and pet owners are willing to support financially. AKC should not be viewed as or held accountable for the poor living conditions that some breeders and pet owners subject their dogs to. The organization with that responsibility is USDA.

  32. John says:

    I am not a fan of NBC however the AKC spokesperson did not do a very good job of defending the organization. “I don’t know” to what I did think were fair questions wasn’t very good. And 9 Inspectors nationwide? Make one wonder how they can possibly be effective.

    • Anonymous says:

      but according to AKC, they only showed what they wanted to and did not give AKC the time they deserved to show any confidence, inform the public,etc. THAT IS HOW THEY WORK.

  33. Isabel says:

    I watched too and replied to them . The AKC has never been a policing agency has it? I do one litter a year and my puppies are more like my own pets. People do their home work. If a pet store sells you a puppy, aren’t they required to have shot records? Every puppy I have sold I register and give full records from my VET- I pay the extra to be sure my puppies are healthy and are up to date on all shots. I don’t crate them except when I am cleaning the play area. (my garage). Wish the News people would stop trying to put shame one the AKC and put it on the people who run the puppy mills.

  34. Martha says:

    The AKC was not very well prepared for this interview. Like many people do, the AKC could have asked to see the questions before the interview or refuse to do it. Lisa Peterson was not prepared for many of the answers. It is not Lisa’s fault – however, it made her and AKC look like they do not know what happens with many dog owners.
    Lisa should have mentioned several times that the percentage of reputable breeders – instead of stumbling on the question about the percentage of breeders that are inspected. They also could have reminded NBC about people rights and the corner the left has law enforcement backed into. God forbid they go to a home that is suspected of animal cruelty without a lot of proof – they will be usurping the peoples rights.
    This was a typical lame stream media left winged biased interview that only succeeded in reminding me why I don’t watch them.

  35. Jeff Banta says:

    We own AKC registered pure bread Vizslas and we’re members of Tennessee Valley and Oak Ridge Kennel Clubs.

    The piece shown on NBC’s TODAY show was a hatchet piece (clearly). That said, AKC has been riding this fence (certifying commercial breeders) for too long. If AKC is serious about upholding their ethical stance and mission statement they need to revisit their breeder certification program and inspection/enforcement policies and processes. A certification/inspection program that does not have proper oversight or enforcement is a shell and a sham! AKC can and must do better.

    That said, shame on NBC for doing just a hatchet piece. They to can do better. What about all the GOOD works by AKC and all the reputable pure breed breeders? Nothing was said about that.

  36. Nancy says:

    That was a one sided report , Wayne Purcell evidently influenced that reporter! The kennels that they were showing for shock value, were puppy mills, NOT AKC breeders. Why is it that when there is 1 or 2 bad apples in the group we all are blamed for it. Breeder with purbred dogs are the ones that support the rescue groups-where did that idiot Wayne Purcell think they came from.; certainly not his group! They like to put down most of what they either steal or take from breeders PETA does not want anyone to own animals period and we should all be vegetarians too. Since Humane Society is in with PETA there is the goal. There are a few bad breeders and that is why there are only 9 inspectors needed -but the peice seemed to skip over that part. Of course people should inspect the kennels of a breed that they are buying a puppy from, common sense, but people that buy pups over the internet are just asking for a proble. I have adopted several from the Humane Society and they had kennel cough, worms and eye problems-one was spayed and they had not even checked to see that when I brought it to their attention. Glad this peice was on NBC not may folks watch that news channel except for today when most of us in AKC were watching. Shame on you NBC for a one sided peice of misinformation-hope Wayne Purcell paid you alot for running that!!

  37. Pat Killmaier says:

    I have been purchasing my pet purebred AKC dogs since 1954 from private breeders. All have taken wonderful loving care of their dogs and puppies. This report to me was very one sided showing obvious puppy mills, not private breeders. No one has a crystal ball and any dog regardless where it comes from could have a health issue in the future. Private AKC breeders stand behind their dogs and are there to help the pet people for the life of their puppy. They also take back any dog for any reason does not work out in a home. Purebred dogs usually do not end up in shelters, most breed clubs have their own private rescues.

    I have attended AKC dog show, obedience trials and Meet The Breeds in the past. It seems to me that organization strives to educate the public how to care for their pet properly and train it properly and enjoy their dog as a faithful family member.

    Pat K

  38. Anonymous says:

    I will continue to support the AKC. Regardless of AKC registration, buyers need to do their homework.
    But I do agree with comments made above — only 9 inspectors, really? and a better spokesperson should have been chosen. NBC clearly set out to make the AKC look bad by conducting the AKC interview in what looked like a prison interrogation room but even so the AKC gal was not the right person to have been a representative.
    To be truly balanced, what about looking at all kinds of kennels and shelters not just AKC registered one.

  39. Anonymous says:

    AKC is a registry organization that attempts to self-police the larger breeders, who BTW are in large part also regulated by USDA/APHIS, except the government makes little to no attempt to actually enforce those regulations. I have heard for years and years that AKC registration is not an indicator of quality. The club has never claimed it to be, and always recommends that consumers visit a breeder for themselves. How about we work on educating the consumers as far as what to look for in a breeder & purebred dog so they themselves will drive the poor quality kennels out of business? The breeders depicted with dogs in poor conditions couldn’t keep it up if no one bought from them.
    And please, using HSUS as a benchmark and Wayne Pacelle as the spokeman? I really would have expected more from a respected news outlet like the Today show.

  40. Anony says:

    AKC fights for reputable breeders – not non-reputable breeders. There will always be those who don’t play by the rules and who really don’t care about animals. Unfortunately, there are these types of people in most any group of people or activity. To blame the AKC is ridiculous. Blaming the AKC is like blaming the DMV for all of the accidents on the roadways. After all, it is the DMV who has tested you, licensed you, and given you LAWS to drive by – correct? Everyone puts on their best when it’s “test time”. AKC has never proclaimed to stamp a “health guarantee” on dogs or kennels they register, nor are they the overall policing agent for this. They have a disclaimer on their website in this regard. AKC is a registry service – they DO guarantee the “parentage” accuracy of dogs in their registry, but not the health of dogs or conditions of kennels. The Media and organizations like ASPCA & Humane Soc. have to blame someone, so they pitch their propaganda towards the AKC (continually) because to them it seems to be the most logical place to cast blame. It’s propaganda. The blame really goes to selfish, greedy, non-reputable breeders who know better, and who should not own animals to begin with. These non-reputable breeders really know how to “play the system” to their advantage – sneaking, hiding, not obeying laws, cleaning up only for inspections, etc. When someone crashes into your car or drives too fast around your school, do you call the DMV who licensed them? Just a thought, because a “registry entity” cannot walk into every kennel in the U.S. to check on health or conditions of a single registered dog or kennel – just as the DMV cannot check-up on all of the drivers they license (no matter the havoc they may cause). We should not cast blame where blame is not rightfully due. It is the people lacking in character who do these heinous things (be it in dogs or cars) and they should receive the blame individually. I would like to add that I agree with a previous comment that the AKC Rep who did this segment was defensive and looked clueless. It’s a shame they weren’t better prepared for this interview.

    • Anonymous says:

      THIS is how producers of the show wanted it to look, showing only what WOULD LOOK bad for

      • Donna Noland says:

        And since AKC knows intimately the game that HSUS/ASPCA plays, they should have known that the interview would be skewed against them and been prepared with better answers. Now, it’s up to them to be proactive, find a journalist that will give them equal time and present themselves in a more positive light. Waiting for the other shoe to drop is not good strategy when dealing with these folks. The best defense is a good offense.

  41. Stop Agenda 21 says:

    The battle to remove domestic animals only begins with Animal Rightist Vegan PACs like HSUS, it end with “Agenda 21″ and the “Wildlands Biodiversity Map.” People please Google those terms and discover what we are up against. While your at it you might as well search for the Georgia Guidestones also.

    The gun owners got it right, where AKC breeders didn’t. Gun owners feared their rights were under attack and more people bought guns than ever before in the last few years. Hence the legislation recently tried went down.

    AKC breeders went on the run…. Limiting their registrations which was a combination of “protectionism” and trying to comply.

    You cannot comply with those that want extinction!

    Get rid of the limited registration. THIS IS WAR! Besides putting in the limited only gave way to designer dogs and other registries and now an SPCA in Monmouth County NJ has a “Puppy Store” in a mall. WITH PUPPIES!


    AKC needs numbers! AKC needs the average family raising a litter of puppies before everyone loses their right to have a litter of puppies. Lets not help government throw us out of our homes like they are our pets. Let them be afraid that there are both guns and dogs behind everyone’s doors.

  42. Ifyouonlyknew says:

    The AKC needs to stop letting backyard breeders give full AKC rights to their puppy buyers! The Full AKC rights should only be for the breeders who show and/or do performance!!!!!!

    • Lynn Haughwout says:

      I can not agree with this comment.

      • pam says:

        I cannot agree either with the comment that full rights should only be for show people. I am tired of those show breeders who put down breeders who do not show. A responsible breeder who shares their wonderful healthy puppies with great families, gives 24/7 support to those families and keeps in contact with those families, IS also performing a valuable service to people who want quality pets. I choose my breeding pets carefully for conformation AND CHAMPION BLOODLINES, and many breeders do. We put the money back into our breeding program and make lots of people very happy across the world sharing our wonderful breed. We continue showing our dogs at AKC shows in our area. FORTUNATELY, we have also met friendly, helpful, encouraging breeders who have a lot more experience with dog shows than we have.

    • Pam Williams says:

      I cannot agree, either – there are many very reputable breeders in my breed who do not show for one reason or another – they have wonderful dogs – genetically tested every way possible, temperament tested, socialized beyond belief – wonderful, breed improving examples of the breed – some just have something in their lives that prevent them from showing but that should never prevent them from raising the dogs they love and being able to share them with very lucky puppy homes, or with homes who will take them to the showring, should they choose – AND this is AMERICA the last time I looked – why on earth would anyone be restricted like that – what’s next – we can’t have children unless we have an IQ over 150?

  43. Anonymous says:

    Jeff Rossen News Report
    Today Show, NBC News 5/1/2013

    This is one of the most disgusting, disappointing, and obviously biased pieces of journalism I ever seen. Not only did you chose to depict the AKC and reputable breeders as being greedy and reprehensible, you also accentuated living conditions found in very few breeder’s facilities as being filthy and disgusting.

    “Bad apples” (some dog owners and breeders) can be found anywhere that people can generate a profit just like as found with some sales people, some financial advisers, and other types of people who wish to con someone for their own benefit.

    I have owned AKC registered dogs for over 43 years and I know the organization well. As a registry, AKC cannot be faulted for having only 9 inspectors or for blocking legislation supporting responsible breeding and dog ownership. Increasing the number of inspectors would make it cost prohibitive for those of us who wish to own well-bred dogs that enrich people’s lives. It would also eliminate most Therapy, Service, Military, and Search and Rescue dogs who have been bred for predictable size and behavior, health, and training aptitude.

    In addition to my years of owning AKC registered dogs, I have attended dozens of AKC educational events promoting responsible pet ownership, breed standards, health symposiums, as well as training and performance events. I am not a breeder, an AKC Judge, or a member of the AKC staff, but I can absolutely testify about the integrity of the AKC and the time and effort that goes into responsible breeding practices and responsible dog care and maintenance both before and after a puppy is born or ever sold. Responsible breeding is truly a labor of love and does not provide an income stream except for Puppy Mill breeders that will lie and falsify the paperwork in order to sell puppies. In fact, most “hobby” breeders are lucky to cover their expenses for health clearances, veterinary exams and procedures, socialization, and temperament evaluations.

    The news piece highlighted photos obviously supplied by HSUS and ASPCA. Please interview me and let me prove to you the “other side of the story” and the countless hours that breeders spend in researching pedigrees, checking health clearances, and screening puppy owners to find suitable homes.

    As a dog lover, I have rescued my share of dogs (purebred and not) over the years. I never turn to the HSUS or ASPCA because they don’t spend their money the way they claim to. In rescuing dogs, I have either found their owners, screened potential new homes if the owner cannot be found, or made them a member of my own family for life. Yes, some dogs are found with health and training problems resulting from irresponsible ownership and a lack of socialization, but this is the result of uneducated owners not a failure or deficiency of the the AKC.

    On your follow-up report, please be sure to examine the HSUS financial records for the amount of money they raise versus the amount of money they claim to spend to really “help” animals. You’ll find that a vast amount of the money is used for media blitzes and lobbyists to raise more money and “dupe” the innocent public into believing they really help animals. Also, investigate the amount of money they pass on to local and regional shelters
    and the number of animals that get euthanized because the HSUS really has NO facilities to house animals.

    The REAL story is not the story you represented in the show.

    Pat Hair

  44. pam says:


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