Dealing with the Morning Rush

dogs in bedMornings are a chaotic time in any household, and one family member that can get lost in the shuffle is Fido.  Your dog still needs attention, even though you are in a rush to get out of the house.  The AKC offers the following tips to help you prepare the night before to make sure your dog gets what he needs and you get to work on time.

  • Put your dog’s breakfast in his dish and cover it.  Don’t forget to put it on the counter out of his reach!  If his food is canned or perishable, make sure to refrigerate it.
  • Prepare for your morning walk in advance by leaving the leash and pickup bags by the door.  You can also leave extra bags by the door for your evening walk to save time when you get home.
  • Check the weather forecast each evening and get together any items you may need for the next day—umbrella, snow boots, etc.
  • If you have any toys that require you to fill them with a treat, such as the rubber toys you pack with peanut butter, stuff them and put them in the freezer.
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3 comments on “Dealing with the Morning Rush
  1. Bettina Rister says:

    I put pre-prepared dog food in the microwave (out of reach of the cats on our house, and where it’s the first thing I see when heating up MY breakfast). I also lay out any medications that I have to give in the mornings as well so I don’t have to scramble through any prescription bottles first thing in the morning (those pill-a-day holders work well too, then at the end of the day you KNOW you gave the day’s medicine). I also keep a list of dogs/feeding schedules/ meds on the fridge so if I have to count on a spouse, petsitter, mom or friend to fill in, it’s already written down. I update every couple months as needed when food intake, brand or prescriptions change. I use the time waiting to pick up their bowls to refresh water, pick up toys, or straighten up crates for the day. We have a couple pups who are fearful of storms, so I use the weather forecast to decide if I should leave the TV’s on fairly loud, white noise in the bedroom, and lights on in the main rooms during the day and keep the curtains and blinds pulled. We don’t have a lot of early mornings around here, but with 8 dogs in the house, preparation gets us out the door on time!

  2. Anonymous says:

    My dogs eat a Raw Prey Model (RPM) diet of 80% meat, 10% bones and 5% fresh, whole liver and 5% other organ meat that is available at the time I order directly from the ranch! Ah, what a healthy way to eat, but it requires that I am on top of things and that I look at the menu and pull out the next morning’s gourmet meal BEFORE I go to sleep! I cannot mess that up, so it’s great for me to be under a very strict weekly menu plan so I can make sure they get everything they need for unbeatable nutrition!

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