Cute Dachshund Enjoys the Coursing Ability Test

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Richard Davids sent us these fun pictures of his Dachshund “Tahl” running in a Coursing Ability Test (CAT) last weekend. Richard told us, “In all the years [I’ve competed] (since the 60’s), I’ve never seen the dogs have as much fun as with this.”

Tahl earned his first title in the sport: the CA (Coursing Ability). Great job!

The Coursing Ability Test is a non-competitive, pass/fail event fashioned after the sport of lure coursing. Dogs must chase a lure over a set course in a certain amount of time. The CAT is open to all dogs and is meant to be a fun and healthy sport for dogs and their owners.

Think your dog would enjoy a CAT? Learn more about the sport and find an event near you.

Has anyone out there tried a Coursing Ability Test already? How was it?

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One comment on “Cute Dachshund Enjoys the Coursing Ability Test
  1. Susan monroe says:

    This little boy is clearly having a wonderful time — What a delightful series! Thank you for posting these photos!

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