AKC Dogs at the Connecticut Pet Show

The Connecticut Dog Federation and over 30 AKC kennel clubs presented an AKC Showcase of Breeds last weekend at the Connecticut Pet Show. The general public was able to meet over 150 AKC breeds up close and personal, talk to reputable breeders who breed for good health and temperament, and learn about different breeds that might fit their family’s lifestyle.

Volunteers brought their dogs from as far as Maine and New Jersey, and several rare breeds were on hand, including the Lagotto Romagnolo and Boerboel.

Visitors were also able to enjoy Obedience, Canine Good Citizen and AKC Rally demonstrations both days and learn about the fun things they could do with their dogs.

See if you can spot your favorite dog breed in this photo slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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One comment on “AKC Dogs at the Connecticut Pet Show
  1. Rita Tracy says:

    I’m proud of everyone to bring their own dogs for Dog Show or Agility Show or jump to the pool… I’m very disappoint and our dogs never make better. I took our 2 beautiful Black Lab to classes. But It wasted my money for nothing???? Everyone is very lucky for their own dogs.

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