AKC Canine Health Foundation Making Way Towards Preventing Bloat in Dogs

We’re proud to announce that AKC Canine Health Foundation is making the first steps towards preventing the devastating condition, gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), or commonly known as bloat, in dogs; AKC Canine Health Foundation has approved two research grants which will provide $485,000 in bloat research towards establishing the causes and pre-dispositions for bloat. These studies will provide the insight necessary to one day prevent this condition.

Learn more about the research grants and Gastric dilatation–volvulus, or bloat, by reading the full story on the Bloat Initiative and learn about what every dog owner needs to know about bloat, here.


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3 comments on “AKC Canine Health Foundation Making Way Towards Preventing Bloat in Dogs
  1. Are you involved in research on cardiac hermangiosarcoma? I lost my love to this disease in 6 days

  2. Audrey Moore says:

    This is wonderful news!!!

  3. Bob Fortier, CFP says:

    Very timely article, as my dog just got out of the hospital after surgery because of bloat. I was in Florida and my wife in CT. She said the dog seemed in discomfort, and I could hear Lupo crying. I asked her if Lupo’s stomach was large or hard, and she said..”a little”. I told her to take him to the Vet ER immediately, and to really drive like this was an emergency. We got it in time, and he is now home recovering fine. This happened, even though I have always had German Shepherd Dogs, and am keenly aware of bloat. If I wasn’t available answer my wife’s phone call, Lupo would be dead now. Thank you so much for working towards a better understanding and treatment of this terrible diagnosis.

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