Breed of the Week: Collie!

Meet our Breed of the Week, the Collie! We love these wonderful dogs and hope you’ll share your love for them with us–your stories, images, videos, etc.!

Check out for more information about the Collie breed!


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6 comments on “Breed of the Week: Collie!
  1. Theresa says:

    The loves of my life. There is just nothing as special as a Collie.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have had several in my life, loved and was loved by them and miss them now that I can’t get them to the vet if needed – am unable to lift them. Am happy to see they are Breed of the Week – just a wonderful dog – smart, loving, joyous and so connected with their loved ones.

    • Bob says:

      I have a 2 yr old Border Collie that is Awesome! She loves to play Frisbee, wiffile ball golf and many other games! Recently, she’s been hoarding my Grandson;s stuffrd animals and treating them like puppies! She needs to breed! is there any AKC Reds in the Southern MD. area?

  2. Rebecca says:

    i’ve heard collies recieve many heroism awards for saving ids from cars and stuff.

  3. What beautiful dogs. My neighbor growing up had a wonderfully friendly collie that would always peek through the fence at my siblings and I. Great memories playing with her.

  4. Pati says:

    The Ever-faithful COLLIE. After 43 years of loving collies and always having more than one – this year I got an adorable new puppy and decided he was going to be shown AND he was going to be a therapy dog so he could go to the children’s hospital where I volunteer. At a year and a month, with each new class – he is still an exuberant young male, yet he settles when a weak hand reaches to touch him. Somehow he stops his wiggling motion when a senior needs to caress his soft hair. For years I have heard the stories and thought they were probably true – they are true – this breed was made to love and to work and to be with people. It will be at least 6 months before he is certified

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