A New Portuguese Water Dog for Obama!

Sunny, an adorable 1-year-old Portuguese Water Dog, joined First Dog Bo, and the rest of the Obama family, this week at the White House. The two water-loving dogs are shown in this picture from an article in National Geographic Daily News Many of us recall the media frenzy around Bo’s arrival back in 2009 after the Obama’s researched and selected this breed to fit their lifestyle. While Sunny’s introduction to the world was less hectic, it’s just as cute and adorable:  http://bit.ly/14WfUdN 

obama dog

The article continued to tell the back-story of the Portuguese Water Dog, historically a fisherman’s companion, classified within the Working Group, and first recognized by the American Kennel Club in the early 1980s after being “pushed nearly to extinction after fishers began upgrading to more advanced equipment toward the end of the 19th century.”

Thankfully, a wealthy Portuguese businessman named Vasco Bensaude took an interest in reviving the water-loving pups in the 1930s, reviving the breed and setting the current standard for the breed.

Lisa Peterson, spokesperson for the AKC, explained the roles of Portuguese Water Dogs in the article, particularly to the AKC, performing jobs such as “guarding property, pulling sleds, and rescuing people and things from water.” These quick learners have high intelligence, and need not only a lot of mental stimulation, but require proper training and some sort of work to be satisfied, Peterson said.

Peterson describes Portuguese Water Dogs as “potato chips,” whereas, “you can’t have just one;” it’s easy to see why President Obama has brought Sunny into the family to join Bo.  ”That bubbly, happy personality is the whole package. The beautiful coat, the trainability, the need for a job. They’re just adorable,” said Peterson.

We’re happy to see Bo with a new playmate and on behalf of the AKC, welcome her to the First Family!  We think Sunny is a perfect fit!

What is your perfect breed and why?

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3 comments on “A New Portuguese Water Dog for Obama!
  1. bestuvall says:

    YEA for the President buying ( not “adopting”) a pedigreed dog. She is adorable. We might notte that she was sent from her breeders to Washington,.. if the new APHIS rules go into effect the President would have been forced to go to the breeders home to “inspect” the breeder or else the breeder would be forced to comply with all commercial breeding rules.. .. now I know that seems silly to most of you but it is true.. no one can ship even ONE dog to a person who has not been to your home if you do you will have to comply with APHIS rules for commercial breeders.. this is an HSUS driven rule at attempts to limit pure bred dogs and the sale of them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sunny and Bo are so cute and so great for each other!!

  3. Terri Dyer says:

    My perfect breed is the American Shelter Dog

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