Mythbuster Monday!… Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?


Myth: Dogs eat grass because they are deficient in a nutrient in their diet or to make themselves vomit.

Fact: Dogs on well-balanced rations and in remarkably good condition regularly eat grass, and many dogs can be observed to routinely eat grass and not vomit. Research has revealed most grass to be a relatively poor emetic, and other studies have documented several wild canid species who also commonly eat grass. So the idea that dogs eat grass because they are missing something in their diet does not stand up under scrutiny for a variety of reasons. Likewise, the notion that grass is used by dogs needing to vomit cannot be supported experimentally. Some dogs might just like the taste. Be careful, particularly in teething puppies—excessive ingestion of leaves, sticks, grass, and other plant material can lead to gastrointestinal obstruction.

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4 comments on “Mythbuster Monday!… Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?
  1. susank456 says:

    That is so true. Our dogs regularly eat grass, especially ornamental grasses that are tall and wide bladed. They are fed a balanced diet and just love to eat grass.

    • Anthroman says:

      I think that they do like the taste of grass on occasion. I’ve also noticed, my dogs eating grass to help them vomit. Or do they eat grass to settle their stomach? We’ve all had “sour” stomachs, we just have the luxury of Pepto.

  2. Kevin and Connie says:

    Interesting article.
    All of our dogs have been grass eaters to some degree. Usually, however, they do vomit after eating it. Thought provoking that they are not eating the grass in order to get sick…..

  3. CJ says:

    I believe dogs eat grass because they crave it. It is something that comes from the wild dog, another words, wild dogs kill and eat grazers. they eat the grazers including the stomach with digested grass. I think they want it but the stomach cant digest it (cause they are used to it already being digested) therefore they vomit.
    Just my theory on why dogs eat grass. They are all decendants of wild dogs after all:-)

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